Both the acoustic and non acoustic Green Barriers™ require minimal maintenance.

GREEN BARRIER in living willow

Trimming a Green Barrier in living willowThe Green Barrier™ in living willow is normally supplied with a trickle irrigation system that runs throughout the summer months for at least the first two years. As a living structure it requires the same attention and general level of care as a hedge. It is recommended that the willow is cut back once a year in the winter and that it is given a light application of fertiliser in the spring.


Regular watering or trickle irrigation until established - normally 2 years. Reduced water requirement in the second season.


Summer trimming in the first year; and normally annual trimming thereafter - by hand held machine or tractor flail. Minimum trimming interval is every 2nd. year, but can be according to desired finish and location.

Ongoing Maintenance

Visual plant health inspection in first two years, with an annual winter application of fertiliser as required according level of quality and impact required.

GREEN BARRIER in woven willow

Low maintenance Green BarrierThe Green Barrier™ in woven willow requires very little maintenance. Any evergreens or climbers planted along the length of the barrier will require tending until they become established.


No watering required for the Green Barrier in woven willow.

Maintenance of Plants

Application of fertiliser as required. Tidy up new climber growth. Depending on site sensitivity there is the possibility of landscape plant maintenance.

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Ongoing Maintenance

Annual inspection for wear, tear and any vandalism.

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